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Best Guitar Chord App I've Used!

Ok, we all occasionally need help with those "wierd chords" or jazz/ swing chords. I own about 7 different IOS guitar chord apps. Been playing guitar 50+ years and counting. But, all those apps I own, while very sophisticated and powerful are just too complicated and trouble-some to bother with. Where these guys hit a "home-run" is you get ALL the chords for a given neck position on one page, so you can very easily and quickly compare at a glance and see which ones you can actually form, given your guitar skills AND hit the play button and hear it as well! Interface is SIMPLE and intuitive. Only major improvement would have been for them to put the volume control on the main page (there's room ya'll) and not have to drill down into the menu. Of lesser importance, it would be nice to have a "header" above the selections, such as: "root chord", "maj/minor", extension, etc. Highly recommend, I'll never use my other apps again! Rockin' Robert

Excellent chord charts

This app is great. It shows almost all of the chord voicings for the guitar all the way up the keyboard. Tap on the voicing you are interested in, and it plays the chord for you so you can tell if it will work for you The interface is fast and simple, so you do not waste a lot of time

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